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10 ideas to organize yourself

New Year, New You: Organize Yourself

Here are 10 ideas we sorted out for you, that will help you be more organized and inspired! ❤

  1. Make a calendar & an agenda. Write down your plans. Stick to it.
  2. Set up a corner of inspiration.
  3. Sort your favourite stuff and put them where you can see and use them.
  4. Arrange your makeup, jewelry, body products and other things into storage boxes, standers or dressers.
  5. Make it simpleGive to charity the things you don’t use anymore.
  6. Repurpose old things. Use old boxes of shoes for hiding the cables that annoys you, use bottles for making cute vases and so on.
  7. Create lists to accomplish what you want. Lists help you not to forget and motivates you to finish something.
  8. Sort by color, type, utility: things will be more useful when are well organized.
  9. Decorate to be happy. Decorate your wall, desk, frames, and other desk supply with some tape or cute pieces of paper, just to brighten up your day.
  10. When in doubt, set up an alarm. Alarms help you to remind stuff: gym, birthdays, tv shows, a meeting or even a dinner with your friends. Even your phone can stimulate you.b5b1b1e4d5f646574a1ca16fabe7f138.jpg

P.S: Constantly look up for hacks that help your life! An example here <3!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!



DIY Factory team.


Article by Iulia Bold.  Article photos from Pinterest.



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