Who are we?

In this blog you will se us as:

Iulia Bold Copywriter, content editor, photographer, illustration-addict, graphic lover, home decor designer.

Adelina Triandafil Fashion designer, hairstylist, obsessed with makeup, hair, nails, full-time employee, sewing machine owner, accesories designer.

We are best friends for many many years, obsessed with diy, fashion, home decor, illustration, photography, design, makeup, hairstyling, and so on.

We believe DIY means do it yourself either is a handmade blouse, a party on the roof or a book you read on the beach at sunset, it’s the thing you do, plan and realise to do by yourself if you put it in your mind and you fight enough to reach it.

For us DIY means do it when you have the energy, time and enthusiasm. We encourage diy projects, events, lifestyle but also life as a journey made of unique things.

 Iulia                                                                            Adelina
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